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You Eat Them Every Day and They Destroy Your Teeth!


The dentist, Dr. Sameer Patel, has pointed out the teeth problems that can occur if you’re consuming the following foods. He also gives us solutions to replace them with foods that destroy  your teeth.



There are some grains which you can buy in the form of finished combinations and muesli that contain additives and that contain 3 or more tbsp of sugar per one serving. Even thought the manufacturers present their products as very healthy choice for breakfast, they can be very bad  for the health of your teeth.


Consume cereals with milk/dairy products, in order to reduce the danger that the sugar imposes on the health of your teeth. The vitamin D and calcium  found in the dairy products are very important vitamins that strengthen your teeth.

Hot drinks


The tea or the coffee can be bad for the health of your teeth if you consume them in larger quantities, and some dark/black spots could appear and the teeth could turn yellow.

If you consume these drinks regularly, you may struggle with bad breath and dehydration of your lips.


The best solution for this, is to rinse your mouth regularly with water and with that you’ll reduce the chance of dehydration of your lips.

Cold drinks


All of you that enjoy the shakes should beware!


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