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You’ve Been Pooping The Wrong Way All Your Life And You Don’t Even Know About It!


Do you think you are pooping right? Well, if you are a part of the Western civilization, it’s most likely that you are not pooping right. The scientists from the Pelvic Floor Clinic, at Stanford University, are claiming that our body is created in such way that it’s more natural for it to squat than to sit. If you take a look on the history of the bathroom habits, it all makes it clear.

The improper fecal elimination could cause hernias, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, diverticulosis and hemorrhoids

In a research from 2003, the researchers observed about 30 people. They’ve been divided into 3 groups and into 3 diverse positions. The first group was sitting on lower one, the second group was sitting on higher toilet and the third one was squatting. Hence, it was found out that pooping was way more easier in squatting position and it was also quicker done than in the other positions.

In accordance to a gastroenterologist, Anish Sheth, MD, the squatting is having certain physiologic sense for sure. Into standing position, the colon is strapped against the puborectalis muscles. This is causing decal continence, till it is time to go to a toilet. Sitting down is relaxing the muscles partly and the muscles are completely relaxed in a squatting position that results with colon straightening. This is easing the pooping procedure.

In the standard medical text called Bockus’s Gastroenterology, from 1964, it’s written that the squatting position is the perfect posture for defecation and the thighs need to be fixed upon your abdomen. This is precisely the same way that our ancestors was using for elimination.


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