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Gaza’s Smelly Dump ‘A Security Concern’ IDF Says

252046Residents of the Gaza border area are complaining of a new tactic Gaza Arabs are using to make their lives miserable.

Residents of the Gaza belt area – the Israeli towns near the Gaza border fence – are complaining of a new tactic Gazan Arabs are using to make their lives miserable.

With the failure of Gaza terrorists to penetrate Israel’s Iron Dome defense system with their rockets, they have apparently resorted to “garbage terrorism,” bulking up a dump that was set up right next to the border fence – upwind of Israeli towns, which get the full brunt of the orders carried in their direction by westerly winds.

The IDF is treating the presence of the dump as a legitimate security threat, according to Yediot Aharonot, concerned that terrorists may hide in the piles of rubbish and spy on Israeli troop movements along the border fence road. Tons of Gaza waste are added to the dump on a daily basis.



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