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Muslim Father in Dubai Allows Daughter to Drown Instead of Allowing a Male Lifeguard to ‘Touch’ Her in Rescue Attempt


A Muslim father allowed his daughter to drown in the ocean at a beach in Dubai rather than allow a male lifeguard to swim out and save her life all because he thought it was wrong for a man to touch her in accordance with the rules of Islam.

This Muslim monster would rather let his daughter drown than let someone save her. All because of Islam.

The man, said to be Asian, had taken his family to the beach when his daughter began to drown and screamed for help. However, when rescuers rushed to help, her father stopped them which led to the girl’s death.

Deputy Director of Dubai Police’s Search and Rescue Department Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Burqibah said it was an incident he would never forget. “The father took his wife and kids to the beach for picnic and fun. The kids were swimming in the beach when suddenly, the 20-year-old girl started drowning and screaming for help. Two rescue men were at the beach, and they rushed to help the girl. However, there was one obstacle which prevented them from reaching the girl and helping her. This obstacle was the belief of this man who considered that if these men touched his daughter, then this would dishonour her. It cost him the life of his daughter.”


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