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‘Arabs Chuckled, Watched the Terrorist Stab Me and Did Nothing’


Survivor of attack near J’lem relives pursuit and 5 stabbings; video shows stabber lurking outside car seeking another victim.

Yehuda, the 26-year-old who was lightly wounded on Sunday when an Arab terrorist stabbed him, relived the harrowing attack on Monday morning, relating the events that took place at the gas station on Highway 443 located northwest of Jerusalem.

Yehuda was stabbed in the back and shoulder while filling up his car at the gas station, and is hospitalized at Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem. His attacker was shot and eliminated by IDF forces who were in the area, while three other Arabs who apparently were accomplices fled the scene.

“I was on the way to Jerusalem from my home, and he (the terrorist) took advantage of the opportunity when I got out of the car and he stabbed me,” recalled the terror victim to Army Radio. “He came at me from behind, I felt suddenly that I was stabbed, and I ran, I fled from him.”

“I ran, I fell, and got up and ran again, and again I fell,” he said, reliving the nightmarish chase from his knife-bearing attacker. “He of course chased after me, and stabbed me again at every opportunity.”

Yehuda recalled being stabbed no less than five times, noting, “I shouted ‘help me, help me.’ I ran to my car while still bleeding and just drove off.”

In a chilling detail of the attack, Yehuda pointed out that the Arabs who were present at the gas station simply watched him being pursued by the knife-wielding terrorist bent on murdering him, and did not help him in any way.


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