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GREAT TIP: Every night he puts a WET TOWEL on the window. From now on, you’ll do the same!

This hot summer nights create real problems when it comes to sleeping. The smartest thing would be that every one of us has an air conditioner. However, this is not the cheapest investment. With the help of these 6 simple tricks, you will sleep well and yet save money.

A pillow in the fridge
It may sound a bit strange, but it works! We are always looking for that one, cold side of the pillow so why do not we have both?

A wet towel on the window
Open up the window and put a wet towel which will work as a natural air conditioner during the hot nights.

Ice cubes in front of the ventilator
If you want to cool off the room before you go to sleep, just put a plate with ice in front of the ventilator.

Remove all sources of heat from the room
Remove all electronic devices from the bedroom. Especially if they are charging, since they radiate and transmit unnecessary heat to you.


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