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Russia raises stakes in war on Western food

Moscow makes show of destroying tonnes more food in defiance of widespread opposition to the policy

Russia has stepped up its war against Western food by destroying tonnes more foodstuffs since the campaign began last week. Russian authorities destroyed more than 100 tonnes of banned food on the first day of the order to get rid of the sanctioned food, however food burning and pressing continued in subsequent days across the country.

37 tonnes of Polish fruit and vegetables – mainly apples, tomatoes and carrots – were destroyed by bulldozers in Moscow. Meat seized in Bryansk region on the border with Belarus was burnt in an industrial oven right at the border check point. More than 39 tonnes of fruit were destroyed in the western Pskov region near the Latvian border. Fruit and vegetables were also pressed to the ground by bulldozers in Leningrad region near St. Petersburg.

Moscow banned many Western food imports last year in retaliation for sanctions imposed by the United States, European Union following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and invasion of eastern Ukraine. Moscow expressed hope the ban would allow domestic producers could step in but critics say with inflation soaring the policy is unlikely to bear fruit.


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