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She Didn’t Wash Her Hair for 31 Days: This Is What Happened To Her After the Experiment


An Italian girl did an experiment – she didn’t wash her hair for 31 day

She came to this idea because she was sick of washing her hair every day to get the wanted look, so her hair quickly become greasy and dirty and even changed the color – from light to dark. That was the reason to decide to share this topic on the net.

She claimed that the first week was terrible. The hair is getting instantly greasy and the intensity it grows faster after the 3th day. In that period, people were saying that they don’t feel ugly at all, but their hair was heavy and much tied.

The Italian girl Margaret said that she washed her hair with a chamomile tea, couple of times.

But only the smell was better and the greasy look still stood. Margaret was worried that something happened to her hair scalp, but nothing was wrong.  The girl thought that after all she has done with this hair experiment, she is closer to the ability to get rid of using shampoo.


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