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Surreal: Muslim beheads woman in IKEA. Swedish police send reinforcement to boost security – for Muslims…


[A witness from the IKEA attack took this mobile photo of the decapitated woman Carola Herlin, 55 years of age, from Hemvattnet outside of Skelleftea. Her son, 28-year old Emil Herlin, may also have been beheaded]

From the country where Muslim rape of a child ended in community service, the Swedish police chief referred to the reported “stabbing” as an “act of madness” while the Swedish media is covering the whole story up. There exists no free speech in Sweden in 2015. The socialist system is a pseudo free society.

When has an execution-styled beheading been called a stabbing? Only in Sweden. Yes, it’s madness to the normal modern world. But it’s an act of heroism to Muslims and to Islam. The nearly one million Muslims across Sweden will be celebrating within their communities today.

The man is supposed to be from “Eritrea”. That’s hardly likely. When has asylum seekers ever entered Europe with authentic documents? They don’t even use their real names. They throw away their real documents and acquire forged names and passports connected to some area under conflict to assume the role of a victim. They pretend to be Christians while they cut the throats of suspected Christians on the dinghies heading to Europe. They pass through half of Africa to reach to Libya to pretend to be stuck in conflicts. Guaranteed he has no association to Eritrea at all. This is an al Shahaab or Boko Haram affiliate, probably a Somali.

Welcome to Sweden year 2015 where left-wing imported islamism doesn’t even leave their natives safe to shop for furniture.

The Muslim “asylum seekers” behind this terror attack on an unarmed innocent woman, did not behead another Muslim from one of the many feuding tribes around the world. They beheaded a native Swedish woman, Carola Herlin, and her son. They attacked them at random in accordance to islamic commands to attack any kafir civilian and kill them.

And what does the most surreal insane country in the world do in this situation? They send security – to guard Muslims! The Swedish government has over 100,000 newly barbaric Muslims in the country to monitor after granting them asylum rather than banning them entry. But, oh no, don’t be bothered about these pro-islamist affiliates. Point suspicion on the natives instead…


While they’re at it, why don’t they just distribute machetes to the asylum centers?.

Sweden Ikea knife attack: Security boosted at refugee centres

from BBC
Police in central Sweden have increased security at refugee accommodation centres after two Eritrean asylum seekers were arrested on suspicion of murdering two people at an Ikea store.

Local officials feared a backlash from “dark forces” who wanted to exploit the case, police chief Per Agren said.


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