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Sweden Now Condemns Gay March as Racist… Against Muslims?!


What happens when two of the left’s favorite “oppressed” pet groups (LGBTQ and Muslims) collide?

Last month the Swedish nationalists planned a gay pride parade (featuring everyone’s favorite day time entertainment, gay public kissing and/or heavy petting) and routed the parade through two Swedish Muslim districts of Tensta and Husby. For those of you who’ve been living under a rainbow-painted rock, Muslims don’t like gay people. And not in the, “Ew it’s gross when two men kiss, make it stop,” kind of way. No, no, Muslims will kill gay people for being gay. Or because they’re jealous of their fashion sense. Just kidding, Muslims just kill gay people for all the gay reasons.

But as much as leftists champion equality and compassion, one group came out on top… Um, I mean one group won.

Three guesses as to which group got ahead? Yep, the group associated with beheadings, gay-hangings and slamming airplanes through skyscrapers. Whoops, I mean, the religion of peace. PEACE, yo.

Here’s where it gets rich: the gay marchers were branded racists by the ‘Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights.’ That’s right, a fellow group in gayness didn’t have the gay marchers’ backs. Whatever happened to gay solidarity, united under one glorious, oiled-up rainbow flag? Perhaps the Federation for LGBT were just a tweensy bit nervous about losing their heads… or getting blood on their boas.


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