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Images Of Devastation After Massive Chinese Explosions Reveal A ‘War Zone’

china-rocked-by-huge-mushroom-cloud-explosions-02For obvious reasons the local authorities are keeping complete silence on the question of what toxins may have been released after the explosion.

Daylight has arrived after the massive explosion in the Chinese port of Tianjin, and reveals nothing but devastation, or as the following tweet from Offbeat China describes it, “a warzone”

According to the latest report from Xinhua, following the series of enormous explosions at an industrial area in Tianjin, at least 44 people were dead including 12 firefighters, with at least 520 injured, 66 of which in critical condition.

According to an AFP reporter at the scene there was shattered glass up to three kilometres (two miles) from the blast site, after a shipment of explosives detonated in a warehouse, raining debris on the city and starting huge fires.

As the Tweet at the bottom of this article shows, the heat was so intense it melted hub caps.

As we first showed yesterday, images showed a monumental blast soaring into the air, walls of flame enveloping buildings, ranks of burned-out cars, and shipping containers scattered like children’s building blocks.

“The fireball was huge, maybe as much as 100 metres tall,” said 27-year-old Huang Shiting, who lives close to the site. “I heard the first explosion and everyone went outside, then there was a series of more explosions, windows shattered and a lot of people who were inside were hurt and came running out, bleeding.”

AFP further reports that paramedics stretchered the wounded into the city’s hospitals as doctors bandaged up victims, many of them covered in blood after the impact of the explosion was felt for several kilometres, even being picked up by a Japanese weather satellite.

china-rocked-by-huge-mushroom-cloud-explosions-tianjinReports say that the blast was so powerful it created a mushroom cloud and triggered an earthquake that was felt up to six miles away.

china-rocked-by-huge-mushroom-cloud-explosions-tianjin-chineseComplete and utter devastation around the massive blast area.




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