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Toronto Star: Canada should prioritize Muslim refugees over Xtians, Yazidis and Jews


While the election campaign heats up, the left-leaning Toronto Star keeps pounding the Conservative government and its Prime Minister Stephen Harper on a daily basis.

Yesterday the Muslim card was pulled out. Wednesday’s editorial harshly criticizes PM Harper’s pledge to increase the support for “persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East” and to bring to Canada additional 10,000 refugees from this area.

In his speech on the campaign trail in Markham, Ontario on August 10, Harper clarified that the term “persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East” refers to Alawites (Muslims,) Bedouins (Muslims,) Christians, Druze (offshoot of Islam,) Ismailis (Muslims,) Shi’a (Muslims,) Yazidis, and others who are under threat from the genocidal terrorist organization ISIS.”

The author of the editorial chose to interpret the aforementioned term differently. In contrast to Harper’s clarification, he argued that the statement made by Harper doesn’t implicitly refer to Muslims, but rather to “Christians, Yazidis, Jews and others.”


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