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Simple Tips to Get Rid of Spider Veins


1.Get better circulation

You must get better circulation through the whole body, but especially in the legs, because it is very important if you want to get rid of the spider veins.

Exercise is the most important tip. If you are not keen on exercises, do some low intensity activities like walking the dog or doing housework.

While you rest you can sit with your legs elevated.

If you sit or stand for long periods change the positions or move for some time in order to improve the circulation and get rid of spider veins.

2.Lose Weight

If you have excess weight your legs are more under pressure, which leads to spider veins. Lose some weight in order to take off the pressure of your legs and get rid of the spider veins.

3.Use Compression Stockings

Improve the circulation by the help of compression stockings which squeeze your legs during the day.

Your doctor should tell you how long to wear them, but you don’t need any prescription to take the stockings. You should wear the stockings to lower the appearance of spider veins.

4.Get a massage

If you want to improve circulation and get rid of spider veins, massage is another way that is helpful.

5.Sleep on your back with legs elevated

If you want to increase circulation and relieve the pressure on your legs in order to reduce spider veins, you need to place a pillow under your legs when you sleep on your back.

6.Get more antioxidants in your diet

Strong and healthy veins will be maintained if you put more antioxidants to your daily diet. Look for foods which are rich in antioxidants.

7.Take a citrus bioflavonoid complex

Citrus bioflavonoids contain hesperidin, rutin, and diosmin which are helpful for reducing spider veins. They do this by strengthening the vein walls. Oranges and grapefruits also contain Citrus bioflavonoids.


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