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Why Hezbollah is spilling its fighters’ blood on the Golan…and yes it involves Israel obviously


It would make much more sense for the group to fight in areas of strategic importance to Assad

The still unconfirmed reports on Wednesday, according to which Hezbollah militants were killed on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, were no surprise to anyone – not Lebanon, not Syria, and not Israel. If Hezbollah at first hesitated to admit that its fighters were killed on Syrian soil, with the passage of time Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah became proud of the fact and explains that his people will at all times stand alongside Syria against its enemies.

But what is the link between the protection of the Syrian regime against its enemies and the activity on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights? This is neither a major supply route towards Damascus, nor an area of strategic importance to the activity of the Syrian army and its allies. Nearly 50 kilometers separate al-Khader and the presidential palace in Damascus, and a short distance from the Syrian capital, determined opposition forces are at work. It would make much more sense that Hezbollah fighters spill their blood in the Qalamun Mountains or the town of Zabadani, areas whose control are far more important to the survival of Assad, and not in the Golan Heights, a sparsely inhabited area that does not present a real threat to Damascus.

But Hezbollah does not give up on its presence here. There is no denying that Hezbollah is present in the Syrian Golan Heights with an aim to expand its capabilities against Israel. Even if no Hezbollah operatives were killed in the attack attributed to Israel, some of the organizations in the area are still terror organizations operating under the auspices of Hezbollah against Israel, and not against the internal enemies of the regime. While local militias, which consist of villagers from the Golan Heights who are fed up with Assad, are pushing his forces operating on the border with Israel into the city of Quneitra, operatives of organizations sponsored by Hezbollah specifically direct their activities against the IDF and the Israeli side of the border. There is no other way to read this: this is an exploitation of the tragedy unfolding before our eyes in Syria and a deliberate disintegration of the regime to expand the threat to the Israeli home front.


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