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71 years after being separated by the Nazis, a mother is reunited with her daughter

imrsA handout picture provided by the International Tracing Service (ITS) on 12 August 2015 shows the 91-year-old Italian woman, holding an illustrated book with photos of the family of her daughter Margot Bachmann in her hands in Novellara, Italy, 08 August 2015. (International Tracing Service ITS/dpa)

“Dear Mum, my name is Margot Bachmann and I am your daughter, born on Oct 25 1944 in Heidelberg. All my life I asked my family about you, without being given any answers. I want to come and find you so that I can hug you once again. I’m immensely happy to be able to finally know you.”

The above is an excerpt, published in the Telegraph and verified by The Washington Post, from a letter German citizen Margot Bachmann sent to her Italian mother. Last weekend, Bachmann and her 91-year old mother, who did not want to be named, were finally reunited in the Italian village of Novellara – 71 years after being separated.

“What we observed last weekend, comes close to a miracle,” Friederike Scharlau, representative of International Tracing Service, said in a news release. The organization, in collaboration with the initiative Restoring Family Links which is led by the International Committee of the Red Cross, had helped Bachmann and her mother be reunited.

“Nowadays, it is extraordinarily rare that parents and children reconnect who were separated by the Nazi regime. Many Nazi-survivors have died by now,” Scharlau said. Often, the organization is only able to connect relatives with cousins or siblings of subsequent generations.

Bachmann was born in Heidelberg in Germany, where her mother had moved to during the Second World War to work in a factory where she was forced to live in a labor camp. A German soldier impregnated her when she was 20, and she was pressured to hand over the baby to authorities after her parental custody was revoked.


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