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BREAKING NEWS OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST: Iran shuts down ‘non-existant’ Tehran to Tel Aviv flight in a typical LOL moment from the Persian

A representative of the Greek airline Aegean told Arutz Sheva on Monday that the Iranian Civil Aviation demanded the airline cancel direct flights from Tehran to Tel Aviv – even though such flights do not exist – in a demand that has led to a temporary cancellation of indirect flights via Athens.


Iranian Civil Aviation Public Relations Manager Mohammad Rahimi told the semi-official Fars News Agency about the request on Sunday.

“After a (Iranian) media outlet informed us that Greece’s Aegean Airline has included Tel Aviv in its online sales system, the Civil Aviation in a written warning cautioned the airline to delete this fake name from its list,” said Rahimi.

He said his organization will keep an eye on the incident, with the report emphasizing that Iran does not recognize Israel.

A representative of Aegean confirmed to Arutz Sheva on Monday that the request was in fact received, while clarifying that the point of contention was alleged direct flights to Tel Aviv.

“The Iranian


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