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ISIS create SEX MENU offering BABIES for sale in most disgusting story you will read today

ISIS-596367ISIS fighters can buy baby sex slaves from a sick catalogue

ISLAMIC State (ISIS) fighters have created a sick catalogue offering baby SEX SLAVES for as little as £100, it emerged today.

Children as young as one are for sale in the twisted price list, with political leaders fearing it will be almost impossible to break the organised sex trafficking.

The vile catalogue even contains a tariff, with the youngest children attracting the top prices.

Today a leading UN official confirmed the authenticity of the disturbing document, which could have been used by British jihadis fighting in Iraq and Syria.

The UN’s Zainab Bangura, said the sex menu choices show how ISIS peddles baby girls “like barrels of petrol” to its sexually depraved members.

She said: “One girl can be sold and bought by five or six different men. Sometimes these fighters sell the girls back to their families for thousands of dollars of ransom.”

Under the price tariff girls are valued by age, with the oldest sporting the cheapest price tags.

According to the catalogue radical fighters can buy children aged one to nine for around £100, whilst adolescent girls cost £80 and women over 40 just £25.

The prices are quoted in Iraqi Dinars, with higher ranking members of the terrorist group getting first pick of the young girls.

ISIS commanders are offered first choice of their victims, followed by wealthy foreign fighters – including those from Britain – and finally the remainders of the terrorist group’s ranks.

The girls who fall into ISIS hands are likely to face terrible treatment including beatings and sexual torture at the hands of the group’s sadistic fighters.

They are peddled like barrels of petrol


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