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IDF preparing for the possibility of a limited ground assault into Syria in the event of massive fire on Israel
Israeli apartment prices up almost 3% in the last quarter

Second heat wave of August; experts warn that it will only get worse

The IDF is preparing for the possibility of a limited ground assault into Syria in the event that terror groups operating over Israel’s northern border open with massive fire into Israel.

The IDF released a video on Sunday showing the Israel Air Force firing missiles and killing four terrorists who crossed into Israel from Syria and planted explosives in April near the border at an abandoned IDF post. Iran is behind the attacks which occur on a daily basis in the Golan Heights as Islamic Jihad terror groups are gaining power in Syria. They are not expected to use chemical weapons against Israel out of fear of Israel’s reaction.

The IDF, Hezzbololah as well as Lebanese forces all continue to patrol Israel’s northern border.

Three busloads of Israeli Arab activists blocked the entrance to the southern city of Ashkelon Sunday evening where administrative detainee Mohammad Allan is being treated at a local hospital. They came to the city to demand Allan’s release and were met by right wing activists. Clashes erupted between the two groups who also threw rocks at police resulting in the arrest of 15 people.


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