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Norway, Sweden Deal Differently with Muslim Immigrants–with Very Different Results


If the United States suffers occasional Islamic jihadist attacks, Europe is fighting for its life. Norway and Sweden have taken different approaches to Muslim immigrants and are getting different results.

The rightist government of NORWAY is tossing out many immigrants, while Sweden remains open. Norwegian crime rates have dropped as a result while sexually liberal Sweden ironically continues to have the second highest rape rate in the world, mostly attributable to immigrants from Islamic nations. reports the success of Norway’s deportations:

Norway has started an effective campaign against crime yet liberals are calling for its end due to “racism.” The program, which began deporting Muslims with ties to radical groups, has had a surprising consequence.

Violent crime in the country is down more than 30%. Liberals are demanding an end to the program that they feel unfairly targets a religion. Someone probably needs to tell liberals that you can’t be “racist” against a religion.

According to Norwegian authorities 824 people were deported in October, a new record number.

 The previous record was set in September when 763 people were deported.

Of those a large percentage were asylum seekers whose applications were rejected, and who were deported along with their families.

The majority of deportees had returned to Norway illegally or had committed crimes. (H/T

SWEDEN, on the other hand, has remained suicidally open to Muslim immigration and is paying the price.


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