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PROBLEM SOLVED, ERR MAYBE NOT: After Illegal Alien Beheads 2 in Swedish Ikea, Ikea Bans Knives


An Eritrean African migrant butchered a mother and son at a Swedish Ikea. The killer had infiltrated Europe through the usual Italian route. He had made it to Sweden but wasn’t getting his asylum on. So he stopped by an Ikea and went on a killing spree targeting some of the natives.

On Monday evening, however, Ikea’s domestic idyll was shattered as two men entered a store in the central Swedish city of Vasteras and suddenly began attacking strangers with a knife.

Surrounded by minimalist cabinets and stainless steel appliances, the unnamed assailants set upon the unwitting shoppers, killing a woman and her son.

Ikea’s dollhouse had descended into a house of horror.

“We have no idea of a motive,” Martina Smedberg, a spokeswoman for the Ikea Group, told the AP. “There have been no known threats against Ikea.”

So we move into the 2 step process.

  1. Turn the perps into the real victims


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