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“Tens of thousands” of Muslims in Southeast Asia support the Islamic State

ISIS in the Far East

What accounts for this extensive outbreak of misunderstanding of Islam? The significant support that the Islamic State enjoys in Southeast Asia demonstrates the falsity and fatuity of the mainstream Western narrative regarding Islam and jihad.

“The terrifying rise of ISIS in East: Terror horde recruits tens of thousands to its sick cause in south-east Asia,” by Jay Akbar, Mailonline, August 13, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

ISIS issued a rallying cry to the Muslims of Indonesia last week by sharing a disturbing picture of a baby lying next to an AK47 and hand grenade.

A note beside the sleeping toddler, signed off with ‘Indonesia’, read: ‘Uncles and aunts come and fight in Syria for jihad wherever you are.’

While the terror group continues its battle for superiority in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State’s ideology and propaganda videos are drawing in Muslim supporters from as far as south-east Asia.

Thousands from countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand the Philippines and Malaysia have joined ISIS on the battlefield in the Middle East. And the terror group has ‘tens of thousands’ of supporters and sympathisers in those countries.

Counter-terrorism experts told MailOnline these ISIS-trained fighters could now return home to execute lone wolf attacks, recruit more extremists and extend Islamic State’s caliphate even further around the world.

Radical hate preachers wield dangerous influence even from inside prisons where they radicalise other militants and ‘oath-taking ceremonies’ to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi take place freely.

They also warn that ISIS could start recruiting the Muslim Rohingya people who are fiercely persecuted in their home country of Burma and refused asylum by neighbouring Asian nations.

At least three violent and active militant groups in the region have already pledged allegiance to ISIS.


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