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Where’s the liberal outrage over this HORRIFIC gay hate crime? (WARNING: Graphic)


Given liberal outrage over everything from businesses who support traditional marriage to Christians who refuse to serve gay weddings based on religious beliefs, surely the outrage over what just happened to these two gay men will be deafening.

It’s breathtakingly horrific — and very graphic.

As the Daily Mail reports:

A gruesome video has emerged showing ISIS jihadists executing two men whose only crime’ was being gay.

The video shows two men being thrown to their deaths from a roof in Homs, before being stoned by a bloodthirsty and baying mob – which included children.

It goes on to show the killers apparently conducting the rituals of an Islamic burial – only to be dumped in an unmarked grave.

The murders are the latest in a string of rooftop ‘executions’.

It is the so-called Islamic State preferred method of murder for the men they suspect of being gay, an ‘offence’ which is punishable by death.

This latest shocking video – which runs to over six minutes – shows the proclamation being read out in front of a captivated audience, who have crammed into the street, lining the walls as they awaited the gruesome execution.

The warped justifications for the murders say they can be carried out on the grounds of religion – as are the rapes of ‘non-believers’, like the Yazidi girls.

The two men are then led, blindfolded, across the roof, before being thrown to their death after being made to teeter on the edge by their evil captors.

2B5C28E200000578-0-image-a-2_1439555792851-630x352The men shown falling from the rooftop of the building, in Homs, Syria, after they are pushed

2B5C295600000578-0-image-a-11_1439556698478-630x346The crowd can be seen below the body as it fell from the roof. 


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