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Armed Citizens stand guard in front of Oklahoma gun shop being threatened for its ‘MUSLIM-FREE’ policy


A group of armed private citizens says it’s protecting the owners of an Oktaha Save Yourself Survival and Tactical store and gun range after they put up a sign saying their store is a “Muslim-Free Establishment.”

enhanced-19884-1439507990-5News on 6 (h/t Timothy C) The store owners said their family started receiving threat (from Muslims) when the sign controversy became a global story. Now the group is providing security for the owners and the business, saying their constitutional rights came under attack. Some of the volunteers are even camping out overnight.
Men with rifles and guns stand guard over the survival and tactical gear store in Oktaha. The armed group of veterans and private citizens said they’re volunteering their time to protect the Mayhorn family, who said they were threatened for putting up a “Muslim-Free Establishment” sign on the front door.

“We have been threatened, and my family comes first, before anything else. So my customers understand the need for the extra security because they don’t want anything to happen to us. They want us here, they want to protect us,” Nicole Mayhorn said.
Opponents – like designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) – said banning Muslims from the store is illegal and discriminates against an entire class of people because of their religious beliefs.

“Well we’re a little overwhelmed over the whole thing, to be honest, both the positive and the negative. Like I said, it’s been crazy, a little hurtful, I won’t lie, it does hurt my feelings a little bit, but it comes with it,” Nicole Mayhorn said.’ She said she’s received threats from Germany to New Zealand over the sign, and Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson said his deputies are monitoring the situation in Oktaha.


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