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Brits Warn Israel: Next Time Netanyahu Comes To London, We’ll Arrest Him (IMAGE/VIDEO)


Just a year after the UK parliament voted to unilaterally recognize the state of Palestine, the Brits have delivered another hammer blow to Israel. A parliamentary petition demanding the arrest of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next time he is on UK soil has gathered 70,000 signatures and counting.

The author, Damien Moran, asks people to sign the petition if they agree that “under international law (Netanyahu) should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the UK for the massacre of over 2,000 civilians in 2014.”

The UK government operates an online petition system whereby any proposal that gathers 10,000 votes receives a formal response, and 100,000 votes guarantees a debate in parliament. The petition has 6 months to gather said signatures, and the Netanyahu petition has been up for a mere 10 days – signalling the distinct possibility that the UK parliament will soon debating the arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes, should he attempt a visit.

It is another sign that the increasing tension between the UK government’s unqualified support for Israel, and the mounting opposition among parliamentarians and public. Many see Operation Protective Edge as the turning point in both parliamentary and public support for the Israeli government.

The change in public attitudes can be see by comparing YouGov polls from before and after Israel’s latest siege on Gaza. In March of 2014, public support was trending toward the Palestinians.

But by August, that support escalated. The poll agency writes:

“As YouGov has previously shown, historical tracking data* from 2003 and up until early July finds no more than 28% and no fewer than 18% sympathising with the Palestinians. Sympathies for Israel have stayed between 13% and 20% over the same period.

However, during the recent conflict the number siding with the Palestinians has risen to a nominal all-time high of 30%, while sympathies for the Israelis have fallen to a low of 12%.”

Media coverage of Operation Protective Edge was a hugely important factor in this changing mood. The war was reported upon by the UK’s most senior veteran journalist, Jon Snow. The award-winning, Channel 4 anchor was so outraged by what he saw that he smuggled Palestinian art work out of Gaza and featured it in a London gallery, in efforts to allow Gazans to tell their story to Londoners in spite of Israel trapping their physical bodies in the Gaza Strip.

On his return, he took the courageous decision to release a video plea to the nation to support the people of Gaza; an unprecedented step by a leading mainstream journalist in any western nation. He was fully supported by Channel 4 News, despite mass protest by Zionist groups in the UK and beyond.



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