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Sauerkraut-Miso-and-5-Other-Foods-to-Supercharge-Your-Gut-HealthExcept for maybe the brain and heart, the stomach is the hardest working part of the human body. Think about it, from sunrise ‘til sunset your gut is putting in 100 percent of its effort into keeping your body functioning. Even when you don’t eat, your stomach goes to extensive lengths to let you know it needs fuel. Or better yet, when you’re sick, your stomach attempts to expel all harmful material (one way or another).

Late night cravings might lead us to believe our stomachs have a mind of their own; but, your stomach’s growling is more than a sign of hunger, it is crying out for your help. What follows below are the 7 foods you need to be eating for good gut health

7 Foods For Good Gut Health

  1. Yogurt

We tend to think of bacteria as one of thoughts things that cause diseases. When in reality they are what your body needs to help fight off infections in the body naturally. Probiotics are especially healthy for your stomach because they help with digestion and the elimination of harmful bacteria that enters the body through contaminated food.

Yogurt is a food packed with probiotics.Some of the best yogurts to add into your diet for optimal stomach health are organic yogurt and Greek yogurt.

  1. Kefir

This fermented treat is exactly what your stomach needs. Like yogurt, Kefir, is packed full of helpful and healthy probiotics. In addition to its medicinal qualities kefir is a great option for those looking to increase their intake as just one cup of kefir contains 8-11 grams of protein.

  1. Miso paste

Miso pasta is excellent food choice for good gut health and health in general. Not only does this fermented bean paste contain high levels of essential probiotics. It is also full of vitamin k, which promotes strong and healthy bones, as well as protein.


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