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This is what the Iran nuke deal and Nazi Germany have in COMMON


I love history, as it is the window by which we learn so many lessons applicable now. Let’s take for instance Europe from 1936 to1939 as a comparative analysis to the current Iranian situation.

Coming off the “war to end all wars,” the European powers were more interested in peace, at any cost. They failed to heed the ancient call of Plato who is thought to have said, “only the dead have seen the end of war.” So the western powers of the time sat back and watched as Germany under Chancellor Adolf Hitler — who was determined to avenge Germany’s disrespect –built up a massive war machine. They said or did nothing. To the chagrin of his own generals, Hitler launched into the Rhineland and without firing a shot, took over the industrial region — the western powers said and did nothing.

Britain dispatched Neville Chamberlain to Munich and he returned with a signed document proclaiming “peace in our time” – which was the desire of the western powers, for they feared another war. The desire of Adolf Hitler was to conquer the Sudetenland to protect “ethnic Germans.” Because western leaders believed they had a signed agreement and did not want war, they consented.

You can just imagine how emboldened Hitler became, but not just Hitler…his generals and the German people who were promised the 1000-year Reich. So when Hitler annexed Austria, the great western powers said and did nothing. When Adolf Hitler turned his sights to Czechoslovakia and took it, the western powers finally spoke up only to have Hitler shred the signed agreement stating “it was just a piece of paper.” Hitler’s emboldening ended with the 1939 “blitzkrieg” into Poland with aerial tactics that the Germans had tested out during the Spanish Civil War, especially the Stuka dive bomber.

And before we knew it, Adolf Hitler and Germany had taken France — all after signing a document which was supposed to bring “peace in our time” and evade a war. Isn’t that funny? We’re being told the very same thing today by Barack Obama playing the role of Neville Chamberlain. And just as Chamberlain had Winston Churchill as his opposing voice, who was viciously assaulted for warning Britons of the coming danger of Germany and Hitler, today anyone opposing Obama’s Iran deal is similarly vilified with vitriolic attacks – including of course, yours truly.

What is the threat used by the Obama administration and its acolytes to accept the horrific Iranian deal? The only other alternative is war. That is a false comparison, and unfortunately history demonstrates the projected weakness of acquiescence to despots, dictators, theocrats, and autocrats never ends well. Just as Germany became the foundation of the enemy axis, Iran is emerging as the sinister vortex across the globe drawing in Russia, China, and Islamic jihadism — which Iran wholeheartedly sponsors.

So this latest admission from Iran should surprise no one.


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