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Vociferous anti-semite Jimmy Carter reveals that cancer has spread to his brain…in other news, I wasn’t aware he had a brain

Ex-president says first radiation treatment is today, life is ‘in G-d’s hands’; attacks Israel again for ‘rejecting two-state solution.’


Former US President Jimmy Carter held a press conference on Thursday, in which he announced that the cancer which doctors discovered on his liver – that he revealed last Wednesday – has been found to have spread to his brain as well.

Carter, 90, announced his first radiation treatment will take place later on Thursday afternoon.

“I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes,” he said. “I have had a wonderful life. It is in the hands of God, whom I worship. I do have deep religious faith, which I’m very grateful for, and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t go into an attitude of despair or anger or anything like that. I was just completely at ease.”

Carter said doctors found four small melanoma spots, about two millimeters in size, on his brain during an operation on August 3 to remove a tumor from his liver.

The ex-president is to receive four courses of radiation for the cancer in his brain, and he noted that doctors continue to search for the source of themelanoma.

Those suffering from melanoma generally survive 11 months according to general assessments, if the tumors are not all successfully removed.

Bashing Israel yet again

In the press conference Carter said that if he could change something he’d done, it would be sending more forces in a 1980 rescue attempt to free US hostages held by Iran in Tehran, in which a helicopter crashed into a US transport plane in the desert, killing eight American soldiers.


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