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British tourist under attack for expressing love for Israel

624224801000100490490noEmma Carter and her friend (Photo: Facebook)

Emma Carter from London came under attack from friends on Facebook after posting about her love for Israel and its people, leading her to close down her account.

Emma Carter, 34, from London fell utterly in love with Israel and its people during her first visit to the Holy Land. She took to social media to share her new found passion for Israel, but found herself under attack by her friends. It got so bad that she had to close her Facebook account altogether.

Carter’s good friend, Dafna Endoditch-Rau, a young Jew who lives in the British capital, decided to celebrate her 40th birthday in Tel Aviv and invited her to join her for the trip.

“I was worried about visiting Israel and I hesitated quite a bit before I agreed,” Carter said. “As an Englishwoman, all I knew about Israel were the wars in Gaza. But Dafna told me that I would be safer in Israel than in London, and I decided to go and see the country for myself.”

Twenty-four hours is all it took for Carter to fall in love with Israel. She said she clicked with Tel Aviv on the very first night.

“Everything I saw was completely different from the way Israel is portrayed in the media,” she recounted. “Tel Aviv is a vibrant and liberal city, people here are kind, and the welcome I have received here was more incredible than any other place I have ever visited in the world. Strangers invited me to visit their homes. Israelis are warm and inviting, not aggressive or bad as described in the news.”

Carter recounted an experience that changed her perception of Israel more than any other: “During my second evening I met a friend of Dafna’s, a reserve officer, who told me about the Iron Dome system and the enormous budget that Israel invests in security to protect itself. He told me that Israel was constantly being criticized by the whole world for its attempts to protect itself. My conversation with him and my personal acquaintance with Israelis influenced me greatly.”

Highly inspired, Carter decided to write her impressions in a detailed and well-written Facebook post. “There are a few factors I consider when liking a place – people, food and architecture! All are fully met in Israel. Learnt the most amazing facts today. For example Israeli cities have an ‘Iron Dome’ in the atmosphere surrounding their cities which intercepts short range missiles. Israelis only ever respond to an attack never provoke. The various defense systems defend the only democracy in the Middle East.


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