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ISIS Calls to ‘Conquer’ Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish ISIS terrorist urges Turks in video message to ‘revolt’ against the ‘traitor Erdogan,’ who made Turkey ‘slaves’ of US, Jews.

A pro-Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist video has urged Turks to rise up against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accusing him of being a traitor who has sided with the US.

The video – said to have been recorded in the ISIS-controlled Raqa province of northern Syria – is one of the clearest such threats yet made by ISIS against Turkey. Previously Turkey was shown to be cooperating with ISIS, but recently it started a crackdown on the group following a lethal suicide attack, and likewise has launched a much harsher crackdown on Kurdish militants.

A bearded Turkish member of ISIS is seen in the video, speaking in Turkish and calling for the “conquest” of Istanbul, reports the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News.

“With the order of the believers’ amir, (ISIS leader – ed.) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – God protect him – who is descended from the Prophet’s line, let’s conquer Istanbul, which the traitor Erdogan makes every effort to deliver to the crusaders,” he says in the video message.

The ISIS terrorist accused the “traitor Erdogan” as follows: “he did not rule by the laws of God. He befriended Americans, Jews, crusaders, atheist PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party – ed.) members; Ataturk’s secular friends, the FSA (Free Syrian Army); and the apostate spies of the Saud family.”

The terrorist then called on the “people of Turkey to revolt.”

He said the west of Turkey would soon be in the hands of “the crusaders,” a reference to the Americans, and eastern Anatolia controlled by the PKK. Ironically, Erdogan’s critics at home accuse him of ruining ties with the West with nationalist-tinged policies, as well as destroying a 2013 ceasefire with the PKK with Ankara’s current air campaign against the group.


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