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Netanyahu: Those Who Want Divided Jerusalem ‘Don’t Live Here’

576086Netanyahu vows to keep Jerusalem united in special Cabinet meeting.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a special Cabinet meeting at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem on Tuesday, in honor of Jerusalem Day.

“I remember how I came here as a youth,” he began. “Since then there has been dramatic development, of course, and this magnificent cultural institution has been established the fiftieth anniversary of which we are celebrating.”

“This institution reflects three things: First, it shows our link to the land in the most dramatic exhibit, one of humanity’s most important archaeological finds – the Dead Sea Scrolls,” he continued. “While there are also many other finds that teach about our connection to our land, this exhibit, given its cultural and historical significance, is without peer.”

“The second thing that we see here is the great cultural treasure of the Jewish People in the country and around the world,” he said. “Of course, this symbolizes our contribution to humanity.”

“The third thing that we see here is the culture of humanity as a whole as seen in amazing artistic and archaeological exhibits that also, perhaps, find expression in the fact that there is an exhibit here about the brief history of humankind,” he added. “It is based on a provocative and interesting book that was written – I believe – by a professor here in Israel.”

“These three things, I note them in order to how the great difference between the cultural flowering, the cultural freedom and the cultural creativity in the State of Israel and what is happening around us – the destruction of cultural treasures, the destruction of the idea of freedom, and the physical destruction of people in an effort to destroy ideas, by Islamic fanatics,” he continued, referring to Islamic State (ISIS)’s systemic destruction of Syrian cities and landmarks. “We promote culture at home and defend ourselves and – in my opinion – humanity as a whole from outside threats.”



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