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Putin Rides Submersible To Bottom of Black Sea


Vladimir Putin has taken a ride to the depths of the Black Sea as part of a Russian Geographical society expedition. The Russian leader saw the remains of an ancient vessel, and spotted quite a few centuries-old relics, he told journalists.

A three-seat submersible plunged Putin down 83 meters (272 feet) on an exotic underwater trip off the Crimean shore. During the 45-minute dive, the Russian president was able to have a glimpse of a recently discovered sunken ancient Byzantine galley, dating back to the 9th or 10th century.

The galley was quite hard to see, as it was covered with 40-cm of ooze, but the ship is supposedly 27-30 meters long, and 13-15 meters wide,” he later told journalists. “There are many objects, like amphorae, just scattered around there.”

In his post-dive press-conference Putin also mentioned that he could likely venture to the same depth alone in a diving suit, TASS reported. However, he added that the task would better be left for expert divers to perform.

Putin also congratulated the Russian Geographical Society on its 170th anniversary – right from the sea depths. The Russian Geographical society was founded in 1845 by Emperor Nicholas I to explore the vast territories of the country. Nowadays, it is a non-commercial organization that is engaged in expeditions, research, education, nature conservation and book publishing.


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