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WAKE UP CALL: Barack Hussein Obama is Flooding the Bible Belt with Tens of Thousands of Unscreened Muslim Refugees


Nestled in the heart of Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains lies an Evangelical Mecca, where Christianity and Country music are as indigenous to the region as the seven hills of Lynchburg and thousands of students make their annual pilgrimage, every fall, to study at the largest Christian University in the world. But in the ‘buckle of the bible belt,’ some residents answer a different call to prayer.

And if Obama has his way, many of the 100,000 Muslim refugees expected to arrive this year will be dumped right in the heart of America’s Bible Belt, transported and supported on the backs of hardworking US taxpayers.

WSET: The Muslim community in the Lynchburg area is made up of around 50 families. Like many of those families, Mohammad and Asma Rahman moved here to seize a better opportunity.

Going only on his word, Asma, Mohammad, and their two sons made their way to Lynchburg in 2006. “We knew about Liberty and Jerry Falwell.”

Asma Rahman says she had reservations and was a little scared. “Here when we came at first, I was a little bit, because I knew there weren’t that many Muslims” said Asma Rahman. “We didn’t have a mosque at the time,” added Mohammad Rahman.

A stark contrast to the mosque in New Jersey where their kids attended Islamic school– or their native Bangladesh — home to some of the largest mosques in the world. “People in the Boonsboro area and the Lynchburg area were praying in people’s homes on Fridays,” said Mohammad Rahman.

So a group of Muslim families, including the Rahmans, formed the Greater Lynchburg Islamic Association and raised enough funds to buy and repurpose a home. “Alhamdullilah, we’ve been very grateful,” said Mohammed Rahman.



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