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Kim Jong-Un, the insane North Korean leade, has instructed the military to prepare for war


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un instructed the military of his country to prepare for war against South Korea following the deterioration of relations that began following the broadcasting of statements against the North Korean dictatorship by Seoul.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un instructed his military forces to prepare for a war against neighboring North Korea.   These things were said in the background of a deterioration in relations that occurred between the two countries that led to a rare exchange of fire in recent days.

According to the official North Korean news agency KCNA, it was said that Kim made the decision in an emergency meeting of the main military committee that was held by its head.  During the meeting, the young North Korean leader instructed his soldiers to prepare themselves “in order to enter into a war position that began on Friday at 5:00 local time.”  It was said that the soldiers need to be fully ready to launch a surprise action.



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