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Muslim punches American Jewish woman on Temple Mount

Muslim-women-who-harassed-Jewish-visitors-to-Temple-Mount-Tues-Aug-18-2015Watch the video — hear the Muslim mob on the Temple Mount screaming “Allahu akbar” as they menace and physically attack Jews.

The respect and submission that devout Muslims demand (on pain of death) for their savage and inhumane ideology is diametrically opposed to their hatred and supremacism over all other religions. Of course, they see no contradiction in this. Reason in Islam is strictly prohibited.

“American Woman Punched by Muslim on Temple Mount,” by Hana Levi Julian, Jewish Press, August 19, 2015 (thanks to

An older Jewish woman who recently immigrated to Israel from the United States on aliyah was attacked when she made her first trip to the Temple Mount this week.

Brenda Rubin, a resident of Jerusalem, was a new Israeli for seven months when she was punched in the ribs Tuesday morning by a burka-clad Muslim woman.

Because the attacker was wearing a burka, as were those around her, security personnel obviously knew it would be impossible to identify with certainty who the attacker had been — possibly a factor in the planning of the Arab harassment campaign in the first place.

“It was my first time on the Mount and it was a very important thing for me,” she said. “This woman in black came in between our lines and gave me a big punch under my rib on my side that I’m still feeling.”

Burka-clad Muslim women who harassed a group of Jews visiting the Temple Mount. One of them viciously punched a Jewish woman in the ribs. No arrest was made.


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