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Obama Hid North Korea Rocket Component Transfer to Iran

337679US intel officials reveal how Iran is getting advanced technology for long range nuclear missile during talks, Obama hiding it from UN.

US intelligence officials revealed that during the ongoing Iran nuclear negotiations, North Korea has provided several shipments of advanced missile components to the Islamic regime in violation of UN sanctions – and the US hid the violations from the UN.

The officials, who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday on condition of anonymity, said more than two shipments of missile parts since last September have been monitored by the US going from North Korea to Iran.

One official detailed that the components included large diameter engines, which could be used to build a long-range missile system, potentially capable of bearing a nuclear warhead.

The information is particularly damaging given that Admiral Bill Gortney, Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and US Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), admitted this month that the Pentagon fears that North Korea and possibly Iran can target the US with a nuclear EMP strike.

Critics have pointed out that the nuclear framework deal reached with Iran earlier this month completely avoids this question of Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program, which would allow it to conduct nuclear strikes.

US President Barack Obama was given details of the shipments in his daily intelligence briefings, but the officials say the information was hidden from the UN by the White House so that it would not take action on the sanctions violations.

Back in 2010, the UN Security Council put sanctions on Iran’s illegal uranium enrichment program. Those sanctions prohibit Iran from buying ballistic missile parts, and any “technology related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.”

The US officials said the recent transfers fall within the scope of the sanctions.

In confirmation, a spokesperson for Spain’s mission to the UN, now in charge of the UN’s sanctions committee, said the committee has not been told about the incidents by the US since Spain took over in January.

White House and State Department spokespersons contacted by the paper refused to comment on the report.

Hiding transfers from the UN – “typical” Obama

A wave of experts came out with criticism against Obama’s administration for hiding the missile part transfer from the UN.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton said the shipments violate UN sanctions on Iran, as well as those imposed on North Korea back in 2009.

“If the violation was suppressed within the U.S. government, it would be only too typical of decades of practice,” Bolton said. “Sadly, it would also foreshadow how hard it would be to get honest reports made public once Iran starts violating any deal.”


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