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Video Shows Muslim Terrorist Tying Xtian Child To A Poll, Beating Him To Death And Laughing About It


A recently leaked video from Bangladesh shows Muslims beating and torturing a Christian child, eventually killing him. Although the death is not seen in the video, the torturing that leads to the death is.

As can be seen in the video, the Muslim antichrists tied the boy up to keep him from escaping, and as they sadistically beat him, you can hear them laughing. Here is the very heart wrenching video:

According to a recent report, the murder of children — including Christian children — are intensely increasing:

On July 8, Samiul Alam, 13, a vegetable seller in northeastern Sylhet city, was beaten to death for allegedly stealing a van. His killing was recorded on a cellphone and shared online. On Aug. 4, Muhammad Rakib, 12, was allegedly tortured and killed by his employer in the southern city of Khulna for joining a competing company. And Rabiul, a 10-year-old who used a single name, was bludgeoned to death, allegedly by a neighbor in southern Barguna district, after the child was accused of stealing fish.

Father Rozario said existing laws provide for a minimum of 10 years in prison for physical violence against children, and the death penalty for murder. But these laws, he said, have never been strictly followed.

“So the government’s negligence is one of the major causes behind ongoing abuses and killings of children,” he said.

The children’s murders show an alarming level of lawlessness and intolerance in Bangladesh, says Marist missionary Brother Cesar Henriquez Leiva, a child rights activist.

“All of us must be deeply saddened and ashamed that those children had to face barbaric killings,” he said.

Samrat Charles Gomes, 13, attended the Aug. 20 demonstration. For him, the country has become an unsafe place for children.

“Every time I think about those killings, I become frightened,” he said. “If there is no justice, this might happen to anyone, even to me.”

Amid national and international outcry, local police have arrested suspects in each of the four cases.

On Aug. 16, police filed murder charges against 13 men allegedly involved in Samiul Alam’s killing.




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