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7 Vaseline Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever


Vaseline is a tried and true skin moisturizer, but did you know that it comes with a host of other talents? It is certainly much more versatile than you think and is actually a girl’s other (and a bit less glamorous) best friend.

If the fear of cracking a filling by trying to pry open your favorite Petal Pink nail polish bottle with your teeth is getting old, try dabbing a small amount of Vaseline around the bottle before screwing on the cap. This way, the next time you’re due for a coat, it will slide right off.

Want a salon-quality manicure but lack the motor skills to pull it off? Simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline around the skin surrounding your nail with a Q-tip, carefully avoiding the nail itself, and you’ll prevent any polish from sticking to the skin.

Rough, calloused feet are a major turn-off. So, keep them soft and supple by coating them with Vaseline and putting on a pair of socks before bed. You’ll have baby soft heels by morning.


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