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Donald Trump Says Global Warming Is a Hoax


Donald Trumps winning position among Republican presidential candidates in Iowa’s CNN/ORC poll should prompt us to pay more attention to what he really says and does. And it’s not about some controversial comments that provide him with the cover page of a national news magazine, but words which can show us his true opinions on the most important national and global issues. One of these matters is the subject of global warming, and if you agree that it truly exists, you won’t be happy to know what Trump has to say.

Journalists from Think Progress took a look at the billionaire’s Twitter account and discovered that he expressed his views on global warming issues 44 times since 2011 when he established his profile- @realDonaldTrump. One could say it’s not a significant number if you consider an important public person talking about a global issue. The problem is, however, that all those tweets were spinning around one major topic…the weather is cold today, so global warming is a hoax. Quite a simplistic perspective for someone who actually could become the president of the most powerful country in the world.

As Trump is a man of action, he is not content with mere words. He is a staunch opponent of wind energy and most recently he has been fighting with the court in Edinburgh (Scotland) where he recently filed a complaint about a wind energy project approval that is very close to his newly built golf course. Unfortunately for him, the complaint was rejected in June 2015 and he can expect the wind farm to be constructed there very soon. As a response, he said he might sell the resort as soon as the turbines are installed. When the whole issue started in 2012, he forecasted that a tourism breakdown in Scotland would be caused by windmills. In his opinion, all tourists would rather flee to Ireland instead.


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