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Is NOT striking Iran the greatest failure in Israeli history


Dr. Uzi Arad, who was National Security Advisor when the strike was mulled, is livid over revelations on why it was aborted.

The former National Security Advisor, Dr. Uzi Arad, said Sunday that the recordings in which former prime minister Ehud Barak spoke about the aborted plans for a strike on Iran’s nuclear program appeared to expose a scandalous failure.

It is unacceptable, he said, for the prime minister and senior ministers to support an attack, and for the attack not to be carried out. “The question is, why didn’t they apply their full weight on this matter,” he said, according to Army Radio. “This question is important today because if Iran is in a position to have options to break out to a nuclear [weapon]… then this is the state’s greatest failure ever.”

MK Tzahi Hanegbi (Likud), Chairman of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said Sunday the tapes should never have been made public.

“Where the hell was the Military Censor? I asked myself, how is this possible, and in all of the inquiries I’ve made since then, I have yet to receive a real answer on this matter,” he told Army Radio.

“I am going to summon the Military Censor’s people to talk with us at the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee,” he promised. “We have been following the Censor’s actions for years.”


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