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JEWISH ESCAPE ARTIST: The Angel of Death chose Minia Jay for the gas chamber TWICE

Holocaust-600096Minia Jay says it was a ‘miracle’ she escaped death

The Angel of Death chose Minia Jay for the gas chamber TWICE

A HOLOCAUST survivor twice escaped with her life after being personally selected for the gas chambers by Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele.

Minia Jay says it was a “miracle” she did not die at the hands of the evil SS officer, notorious for carrying out deadly experiments on prisoners.

Minia, 90, recalled how Mengele would be surrounded by an entourage as he picked people to be sent to the crematorium complex, where Zyklon B, a cyanidebased pesticide, was used as a weapon of mass murder.

“I was sent to the corner of this dark room by the crematorium,” recalled Minia, now a greatgrandmother.

“We were waiting to die but then no transportation arrived from the ghetto so the guards couldn’t be bothered to go through the process for just a few people and I was sent back.”

The second time, she said, “We were selected naked and I’d lost so much weight you could count my ribs. I had tuberculosis so I knew I would be picked.

“Mengele pointed at me and said, ‘You, this way’.

“At that moment I could see I was not going to leave Auschwitz alive but I was still a young girl so I decided to save myself.

“I was watching him like a hawk as he was continuing to select people. When he turned, I turned.

“I could see this woman at the door, stopping people from escaping. If she had seen me I wouldn’t be here today.

“I could see that those who had not been selected had been grouped into fives.

“A girl in one of the groups spotted me and put four fingers up – they were one short. I don’t know how but I managed to stand with her and then we were all sent to work in Germany.”



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