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“Jihadi John”: “I will go back to Britain…and will carry on cutting heads off”


“I am Mohammed Emwazi. I will soon go back to Britain with the Khalifa.” And if he does this, as his witless victims are dragged to their deaths, they will plead with him, “But I was never, ever racist!” They will go to their deaths finally realizing that all their appeasement was for naught.

“Jihadi John – ‘I will go back to Britain… and will carry on cutting heads off’: In a chilling new video, man said to be hooded butcher who beheaded two British hostages vows to come home… and murder all unbelievers,” by Omar Wahid, The Mail On Sunday, August 22, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Swaggering in the desert and glowering menacingly at the camera, this is believed to be notorious Islamic State murderer Jihadi John – filmed unmasked in Syria for the first time.

In a one-minute 17-second video, the knife-wielding fanatic, who has taken part in the gruesome beheadings of at least seven hostages in Syria, including two Britons, vows to continue ‘cutting heads’.

He then promises a triumphant return to Britain with the terror group’s self-styled leader.

The Mail on Sunday has obtained the first footage of the killer to emerge from Syria since he was identified in February as 27-year-old Londoner Mohammed Emwazi.

He was last seen in a sickening IS video at the end of January, beheading Japanese hostage Kenji Goto.

We understand the latest film was shot on a mobile phone about two months ago near the IS-held town of Deir Ezzor in south-east Syria.

In an eight-second excerpt obtained by this newspaper the camera pans away from a flatbed truck upon which a grenade-launcher is mounted, to reveal a hooded Emwazi in profile.


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