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London: Vandals Cover Jewish Monument in Raw Pig’s Meat


Jewish community’s memorial for King Edward VII defiled in latest anti-Semitic incident in the British capital.

Anti-Semitic vandals desecrated a Jewish memorial in London on Thursday morning, peppering the structure with raw meat – including a pig’s carcass.

The memorial and fountain, located in Whitechapel, is a testament to Edward VII, former king of the United Kingdom (UK) from 1901-1910.

“In grateful and loyal memory of Edward VII, Rex et Imperator, Erected by subscriptions raised by Jewish inhabitants of East London, 1911,” the inscription reads.

Local resident Lauren Justice saw the defilement and immediately posted the photos to Twitter after contacting local authorities.

“I just think it is disgusting,” Justice told the Evening Standard. “It is a memorial. I do not know if they think it is funny or what, but it cannot be allowed to stay up like that.”

“I find it offensive.”

The Tower Hamlets Council stated that it was investigating the incident.



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