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Meet Iran’s Islamic Jihad Cell that Attacked Israel…although they’re dead now so the meeting will be brief

610863ID of 5 Palestinian terrorists who fired rockets last week unveiled; license plates show they hailed from Iran hub of Damascus.

The identities of the five-man Islamic Jihad terror cell directed by Iran that fired four rockets at northern Israel last Thursday was released on Sunday, showing they were Palestinian Arabs living outside Damascus in a stronghold of the terror group, and a key hub for Iran.

The cell fired two rockets at the Golan Heights and two at the Upper Galilee, where the explosions set off two fires.

Israel responded by striking several Syrian army targets, before eliminating the five-man cell as it drove in a vehicle ten to 15 kilometers from the border; Islamic Jihad threatened more rocket attacks in response.

Channel 10 published the identities of the terrorists, naming them as Mohammed Taysir Shahada, Yussuf Fathi al-Hatib, Abdo Hishan, Mohammed Hishan and Giyat Abu Aesha.

Two of the five were members of the same family, and all five were taken out in an airstrike near the town of Al-Qom in the Syrian Golan Heights.

All of the members of the cell were Palestinian Arabs, and members of the Islamic Jihad branch in Syria.


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