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Russia Outlaws The Building of Mosques, Will Get Tougher On Islam


The Crusade continues, and will only grow…

The city of Moscow has now decreed that there will be no new mosques built, and has now put a ban on the construction of any one of those houses of heresy, and this of course demands our emulation.

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, has declared emphatically:

No new building permits will be issued. I think that’s enough mosques for Moscow.

On a radio show Sobyanin sternly made it clear on the religious and cultural tensions arising between traditional Russians and Muslims:

Muscovites are becoming irritated by people who speak a different language, have different customs, and display aggressive behavior. This is not a purely ethnic issue, but it is connected with some ethnic characteristics

The heretic unitarian Muslims of course are on the protest against the rightful Christian supremacy that Russia is gradually establishing. Rushan Abbyasov, of Russian Council of Muftis, vehemently frothing with heretical poison, said:

It’s quite clear that a mosque should be built in every district of the city soon

One 58-year-old bearded Russian man named Oleg Smirnov, burning with noble and apostolic zeal, angrily exclaimed in a march for Christian supremacy, these words on the Muslims in Russia:

What are they trying to do? Show their strength? …We’re supposed to outnumber them on our own land.

In the same march, the crowd went past the Christ the Savior Cathedral, as people wore shirts on which were written these beautiful words: “Orthodoxy or death”.

Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, an Orthodox Christian, made a declaration in agreement with what I have been saying for so long:

I am against the idea of tolerance and political correctness – the Bible makes no mention of tolerance.

And at reading such news, I am elated at seeing the apostolic zeal of the Russian people, how they have arisen from the abyss of atheism, to the glory of orthodoxy. And as I am uplifted with hope on the aspiring restoration of glorious Christendom, I cannot help but laugh remembering what foolishness Joel Rosenberg spouted talking to the heretic Glenn Beck, speaking against the Russian Orthodox Church and Putin as being like Gog in the Bible. I remember Beck’s empty words:

Gog and Magog. Gog is a guy who`s a really bad guy, who figures into Bible prophesy at the end of days. He`s from Russia. Is Putin possibly Gog? And what is he doing? What`s — what`s happening with religion in Russia now?


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