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Source: Israel Believes Assad Has No Control of Situation on Golan Border


Israel believes Syrian President Bashar Assad has become so embroiled in civil war, he does not have the capacity to prevent terrorist groups on the country’s border with Israel from provoking the Jewish state, such as last week’s rocket attacks deep into northern Israeli territory, diplomatic officials told The Algemeiner.

This admission, spoken by a diplomat on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the security situation in northern Israel at present, came on the heels of Israel’s accusation that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp — in charge of maintaining and spreading the Islamic Revolution —  had ordered Palestinian Islamic Jihad to fire four rockets at the Israeli Golan Heights. The assault was followed by a stinging overnight Israeli air campaign that killed five and struck more than a dozen targets.

The flare-up of violence at the Israeli border with Syria — a long-quiet front that has grown increasingly restive as terrorist groups, anti-government rebels, Hezbollah and Syrian forces confront each other amid the Syrian civil war — also came as the Israeli military conducted a series of training exercises over the past couple of weeks simulating a limited ground incursion into Syria, apparently in response to a potential massive rocket attack by terrorists at the border.

The Israeli military also staged a response to chemical attacks, realizing that some groups near Israel may have gotten a hold of such weapons, but military officials said the likelihood of terrorists using chemical warfare was low.


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