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WW3 Inevitable? US Warmongering Rhetoric May Drag World Into War


1022830131The US’ blatant warmongering rhetoric and actions against Russia and China may lead to a new world war, a US investigative journalist underscored, dubbing Washington a “global bully.”

America has recently intensified its warmongering rhetoric against Beijing and Moscow, triggering growing concerns that the US/NATO foreign policy course may drag the world into a third World War.

In response to the recent remarks by US Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who blasted both Russia and China for the “efforts to unilaterally and coercively change the status quo” in Eastern Ukraine and the South China Sea, respectively, US investigative journalist Joachim Hagopian points out that the United States has long been the global military aggressor.

“It’s interesting that again America is criticizing China for being the aggressor when, in fact, the global policy of the United States’ empire has been to be the world aggressor and keep every nation that poses any kind of competition at bay by either invading and occupying and having wars in those countries or by subterfuge of economic boycotts and sanctions,” Mr. Hagopian said in an interview with Press TV.

Washington is criticizing Beijing for its island-building project in the South China Sea and claiming that Chinese hackers were behind a series of cyber-attacks against a US federal government server. However, Washington has not yet provided any credible evidence to confirm its accusations.


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