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ISIS Used This Huge Crudely Modified Truck To Attack A Key Syrian Air Base


This massive vehicle, believed to be a Belaz dump truck once used to build dams in Syria, was reportedly turned into an unstoppable suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) earlier this month. The truck’s one-way trip was part of the Islamic State’s effort to break through Al Assad’s forces guarding a key air base in what is increasingly ISIS held territory.

Such a vehicle could plow through obstacles and gunfire that would stop normal trucks, and then the driver, who is on a one-way mission, would detonate the massive improvised explosive device in the truck’s huge flatbed at the right instant.

The target was the T4 airbase, located 60 miles east of the western Syrian city of Homs and about 35 miles west of the recently captured and historically significant city of Palmyra (much of which ISIS is currently destroying).

Strategically, T4 can be be seen as something of a midway point between the Islamic State’s defacto capital of Al Raqqa and the seat of the Assad regime’s power to the southwest, in the capital of Damascus. It is also said to be full of weaponry and material, including combat aircraft, fuel, vehicles and bombs.

In other words, it is probably the juiciest and most strategically significant target within ISIS’s reach.


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