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IMAGINE THIS SCENARIO: ISIS has taken Sweden – thousands beheaded or captured

ISIS has taken Sweden

This entire article is of course fictional and an imaginary (possible) future scenario. It describes a video smuggled out of Sweden after the country has been taken over by ISIS, similar to those early reports that came out of Syria and Iraq. Read on:

– Why is no one helping us? Please help us, we are being slaughtered by ISIS.

The prayer comes from a former member of the Swedish parliament, a politician. He was, like thousands of other Swedes, taken from his home and brought to Sergels square in Stockholm, where hundreds were beheaded during the first days of the occupation. He himself got the choice between the chopping block or to convert. He chose the latter.

For over three weeks, Sweden has been under ISIS’ control. Thousands of Swedes have been executed, and thousands of Swedish women and girls have been taken as sex slaves, the youngest ones only six years of age. Most have been sent out of the country and sold to the highest bidder, but many have also been sent to ISIS’ headquarters and stronghold in Malmö.

Whole cities have been destroyed, bombed to pieces and set on fire. The country is in total chaos. ISIS controls all roads out of the cities, and the only option for those who have not already been captured, is to try as best as they can to keep themselves hidden.

Strict Islamic Sharia law is now law of the land, and it is being mercilessly used for any offense deemed contradictory to Islam. Most times without any trial, and executed by ISIS-jihadists on the spot.

The few remaining stores are empty, looted for absolutely everything, so there is a great shortage of food. Besides, it is too dangerous to stay outdoors in the cities, where ISIS has snipers who shoot at anything that moves.


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