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Iran salary for murdering Jews: $100 per month: Bonuses tied to number killed

Let’s review the murderous consequences of Obama’s realignment with the axis of evil:

Only two days before Britain’s foreign minister arrived in Tehran, Israel says an Iranian Quds Force commander embedded in Syria ordered rocket fire into Israel. Israel struck back in Syrian territory, and formally protested to the six nations that negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran.

As one Israeli official, Dore Gold, told Politico this week: “There’s something untenable about Iran claiming that it is in a negotiating process with the West while it reserves the right to wage war against America’s allies in the Middle East.”

Since Iran agreed to the nuclear deal, America’s closest allies are taking precautions against Iranian aggression. Egyptian authorities last week, according to the Times of Israel, kidnapped four would-be Hamas commandos en route to Iran for training. Meanwhile al-Arabiya reports that Kuwaiti authorities have arrested a sleeper cell of Hezbollah operatives, a group sponsored by Iran.

Iran salary for murdering Jews: $100 per month: Bonuses tied to number of casualities, size of attack.

TEL AVIV — The Iranian-backed Hezbollah organization was caught attempting to establish a terrorist network comprising several cells in the West Bank with the goal of orchestrating attacks against Jews in that territory and beyond.

The Palestinian Authority arrested and interrogated some members of the network, which was comprised of gunmen from Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade seeking to make additional money from Hezbollah, PA security sources told WND.

The security sources said Hezbollah sought to pay the chief of each terror cell $400 per month while each regular member would receive $100 per month in salary.

The terrorists-for-hire would get bonus funds for each attack successfully orchestrated, with the amount depending on the size and importance of the attack and the number of Jewish casualties, the sources said.

The terrorist network, the sources said, was the initiative of Qais Obeid, an Israeli Arab and a grandson of former Knesset member Diyab Obeid. Obeid defected to Lebanon and became a senior officer for Hezbollah. Qais Obeid was behind the 2000 kidnapping of Israeli businessman Elhanan Tannenbaum, who was held by Hezbollah until a prisoner swap with Israel in January 2004.

The PA sources said some members of Obeid’s new terrorist network were arrested while others were briefly detained and received stern warnings from the PA against any further contact with Hezbollah.



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