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BOYCOTT THIS: Israeli Scientists Make Breakthrough Discovery in Combating Global Hunger

Israeli scientists have broken the genetic code of wheat, providing humanity with the keys to alleviate global hunger.

Israeli scientists were successful in fully mapping the genome of Wild Emmer wheat, thus providing vital information that could create a global breakthrough in reducing malnutrition among those whose diet is based on this staple crop.

Wild Emmer, the progenitor of today’s durum and bread wheat varieties, was one of the first crops to be domesticated thousands of years ago in the Middle East.


Dr. Gil Ronen, CEO of NRGene, spoke of an historical moment. “Mapping the Emmer genome in Israel brings everything full circle. Aaron Aaronson [a Jewish researcher in pre-state Israel] identified the variety in Rosh Pina in 1906 and proved that Emmer wheat was the basis for the development of cultivated wheat.”

Reversing Global Hunger
Dr. Assaf Distelfeld and other scientists at Tel Aviv University have been working on wheat improvement for more than 10 years.

“Mapping Emmer wheat is critical to global wheat research as it is the direct ancestor of cultivated wheat,” said Distelfeld, head of the Emmer wheat consortium. “With a genome map of Emmer wheat, scientists at universities, global seed research centers and the major seed companies will be able to breed seeds with


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